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About Sloan + Parker

A Passion Project

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Sometimes (for us, pretty much every day) you just want to get out – out of the house, out of the office, out of wherever – and escape to a place where you can have a glass of wine (beer) and relax. Whatever your reason, Sloan + Parker is your place.

It is a place for your community. A place to share stories, read a book in solitude, try new beverages, or just relax.

We are your other office, a kid-friendly space, an intimate venue to host a fantastic party, the adult-beverage education center, and a place to meet fantastic wine and beer makers. It is for mommy-only-night-out and mommy-stuck-with-the-kids night out.

Our goal is to bring the community together in the ways that meet the needs of the community. Don’t see what you need / want / like, tell us. If it can (legally) be found / done / accomplished, we will make it happen.

Come in for a pint or a glass of vino and go home with new friends, new memories, a fantastic new bottle – and some delicious accouterments!

Come in. Sip awhile.

About Our Winer-in-Chief

Katie Maynard-Koran, Owner of Sloan + Parker Wine and Beer LoungeKatie comes from a family of passionate wine lovers. Raised in California, there was always a fun wine store sourcing unique wines from around the world just a few minutes away. Back in Austin, specifically Steiner Ranch, she was constantly on the look for a place where she could grab a glass of wine and work, or read a book, or meet up with friends. Even more, she wanted a place she could go with her kids for a nice glass of wine and feel welcome.

After a series of highly non-scientific community polls, she realized she wasn’t the only person craving exactly this sort of place.

So, she did what any good neighbor would do and decided to create it. Enter Sloan + Parker.

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